Installment Loans
Rates are individually set based on the age of the collateral and the amount borrowed. Financing is readily available. Rate structure allows you to control the costs of your loan and provide payment protection at the same time. Loan approvals can be returned in hours, not days, allowing you to take advantage of a real bargain.

Consumer Loans
Financing is available for the purchase of household items, debt consolidation, summer vacations and much more. Competitive rates will allow you to save money on interest that will make more of your available budget dollars.

Real Estate Loans
Financing is available for purchase or the refinancing of an existing home. Your loan will be designed to assist you in your home purchase by requiring the minimum amount for a down payment. Many loan programs are available to allow you to refinance your existing home and save money by taking advantage of declining loan rates. Our loan rates are adjusted frequently so that you will always have the advantage of competitive rates. We are one of the largest Real Estate Lenders in the area.

Commercial Loans
Commercial loans are made for real estate, furniture and fixtures, equipment or working capital needs, but may be more expansive if required. The bank will provide financial analysis assistance for customers requesting it. Fee costs are tailored for each loan and are regularly analyzed to protect the customer from excess costs.

Agriculture Loans
We make loans on growing crops, on farm stored crops and bonded warehouse receipts. We can finance cattle defined as feed-lot cattle, fat cattle, cow/calf operations and dairy cattle. Diversity of types of loans offered allows you to do all of your agricultural banking at one bank.
For more Agricultural information CLICK HERE  

Competitive Rates
Check our competitive rates on CD's and IRA accounts.  Interest rates change on a daily basis.  View our current rate sheet or call First National Bank of Kansas for more information.

Internet Banking
Internet Banking is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week by just signing up and logging on to  Bill Payment Service is offered for all your bill payment needs.

ATM Service
We offer ATM service at all three of our locations. You are able to get cash whenever you need it, day or night, at ATM’s offered worldwide. 

Telebank Phone Banking
We offer 24-Hour banking convenience.  Easy transfers between checking and savings accounts.  Banking made easy from any touch tone telephone by calling us at (877) 526-2265 extension 105# any time or place.

We offer the purchase of Cashier Checks or Money Orders that are accepted in most situations as cash payment and may be used worldwide.

Wire Transfers
Wire transfers can provide same day availability of cash from bank to bank. With a wire you can move cash quickly and at your convenience.

Safe Deposit Boxes
Safe deposit boxes are available at Burlington, Osage City and Waverly locations. Boxes come in several sizes, and contents of the box are covered against loss under the bank’s bonding and insurance coverage.

US Savings Bonds
Guaranteed minimum rate of interest. Bonds are an easy way to save money with the variety of face values you can purchase. The bank will make your ordering of bonds easy by providing the application online.
For Bond pricing information CLICK HERE

Gift Card Or Pre paid Credit Card
Why try to guess what your family and friends want most?  With a Gift Card, you can give them exactly what they want:  The flexibility to choose their own gift.  Your family and friends can use the card to make purchases online, by phone, or in person ... at any of the more than 19 million merchants that accept Visa debit cards. Can be purchased for any amount from $10.00 to $750.00.  The perfect Gift for Every Occasion!

Night Depository
We have available for all customers the use of a night depository to make deposits at your convenience 24 hours a day.

ACH Origination
First National Bank of Kansas has the ability to create electronic deposits and/or debits. It will help businesses meet time deadlines for delivery of information. Saves businesses valuable time not having to write or print checks. Faster access to employees for money deposited from businesses.

Notary and Other Services
Our notary services will allow us to notarize an individual document certifying the identity of the person signing the document. We also have available for customers to purchase, tickets for Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri.

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