Banclub Account

  *Not available to for-profit corporations, partnerships or
   Banclub Customer Service (800) 251-2311
   Banclub Insurance Department (800) 252-2148

  • Minimum deposit of $100.00 required for opening account.
  • Monthly service fee of $6.00.
  • $5,000.00 in Accidental Death Insurance is provided for the principal owner of the account with extended family coverage available for an additional $2.00 charge per month.
  • Banclub is not available to for profit corporations, partnerships or associations.
  • When the primary account holder is over 50 years of age and the balance does not fall below $100.00 any day of the month, the monthly service fee is waived.
  • There are no charges for cashier’s checks, notary services or personal money orders.
  • Banclub accounts receive $4.00 off per order of personalized checks.
  • Interest is paid on accounts with a minimum average daily balance over $1,000.00.
  • Check writing is unlimited.
  • Check cashing privileges are nationwide.
  • Joint account holders are entitled to Medical Emergency Data cards, which are also available for family members for an extra $5.00 each.
  • Balances are FDIC insured.
  • A monthly statement is provided with all cancelled items.
  • Makes access to funds through checks convenient and easy.
  • For those under 50 years of age the service fee is fixed and is easy to budget for.
  • If you are over 50 years of age it saves you money by waiving the monthly service charge as long as you maintain a minimum balance of $100.00.
  • It will save you money by discounting your costs on check orders.
  • You will make money on average daily balances over $1,000.00 that is paid monthly.
  • It will protect you from loss by registering your credit cards and reporting them lost or stolen automatically.
  • You will receive a subscription to Sojourn magazine that will keep you abreast of current travel news.
  • You will have a safe deposit box free for one year.
  • You will save money with hotel and rental car discount coupons.
  • You will be able to receive a free registered key chain and luggage tag.
  • You will be able to write as many checks as you want at no additional charge.
  • You will be able to access your money wherever you might be with our nationwide check cashing privileges.
  • You also will have Date Reminder service.
  • You will have access to $500.00 in grocery coupons.
  • Your money is safe because the federal government insures it.

    Effective April 11, 2000

Other fees may be charged on your statement:
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